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Updated: Apr 29

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On a beautiful summer day last August, I met Cornelia & Eric in Bregenzerwald, to create special wedding photos in a relaxed atmosphere before the wedding ceremony started. The blooming meadows of the hill moor in Bregenzerwald made the perfect backdrop for the bridal couple portraits, and the clouds in the sky made a really special mood. Most couples imagine their perfect wedding day with a bright blue sky and bright sunshine, but I am always happy to see a few clouds in the morning of a wedding day, the soft light is perfect for romantic couple photos, and the temperature is so much nicer if the sun is hidden on summer days like this.

The two have been looking forward to their big day since months, they were super excited, that their wedding day was finally here!

You can see their love to each other and the pleasant anticipation in the pictures. And I love how they looked at each other with sparkling eyes and a smile in their faces, and how tender they acted with each other.

During the wedding photo session, the clouds got denser and darker, and suddenly it started to storm and rain. Cornelia & Eric stayed relaxed and luckily a few minutes later the best man and the maid of honor came with the bridal car.

Together we drove to the beautiful Villa Raczynski in Bregenz, where the wedding ceremony took place. The historic building made the perfect ambience for their romantic wedding. And the extraordinary rooms hold so many possibilities for fairytale-like bridal portraits.

In the mean time the rain had stopped again, and as soon as the first guests arrived at the Villa, we left the place, to make sure no one will see the bride before the wedding.

We used the time till the ceremony started, to take a few more wedding photos in a small forest behind the property. It is always important to me as a wedding photographer to create versatile photos of the bridal couple, that is why I try to find different locations and backgrounds near to the wedding location. So we can get beautiful and special bridal portraits in different settings in a short time. A few weeks before the wedding I drove to the Villa Raczynski in Bregenz, and while I explored the property and surroundings I found this special little forest. I knew that the small river and the lush green trees will make a perfect location for wedding photos.

While we have been in the forest, the wedding guests arrived at the Villa Raczynski and took a seat, now they were all waiting for the ceremony to begin. Die Hochzeitsfeen decorated the beautiful rooms lovely, from the amazing wedding arch, to the cute ring box, was so much love in every little detail.

When the ceremony started, everyone was excited to finally see the bride. The moment when her father walked Cornelia down the aisle, was beyond beautiful.

In moments like this, when all eyes are on the bride, I love to watch the reaction of the guests and the groom as well. Was Erics reaction not lovely? You could literally see how excited he was, that this beautiful bride would soon be his wife.

The registrar created a very personal ceremony, and her speech made everyone laugh. When the most important and special moment was finally here, and Cornelia and Eric said there vows to each other, and put the rings on their fingers, everyone in the room could feel their love and happiness.

After the ceremony, all the friends and family waited in front of the Villa Raczynski for the newly wed couple. They couldn´t wait to hug and congratulate them. We could not have planned the weather better for this amazing day. Even the sun came out during the champagne reception, and shone as bright as the mood of the wedding guests.

For the wedding reception, we drove to Lochau, in the unique bathhouse of the Seehotel am Kaiserstrand was everything prepared for the dinner and the party.

All the guests drove their cars in a convoy behind bridal couple in their classic wedding car.

And a loud honk concert let anyone in the surroundings know or their wedding.

Like the romantic historic Villa Raczynski in Bregenz for their wedding ceremony, Cornelia and Eric choose the location for the reception really carefully. When we arrived at the Seehotel am Kaiserstrand the bathhouse was lighted by the evening sun, and everything was prepared for the party. The decorations had so many lovely details, and made the unique room really special.They even had little personal guest favors for everyone on the tables. And the view over the blue Water of the Lake of Constance made the vibes perfect.

A few minutes before sunset I asked the bridal couple to come with me to a tiny beach at the Lake of Constance, close to the bathhouse, I love to use the dreamy light during sunset for a few last wedding couple photos. If it is possible I always do a short photo session in that time of the day, ten minutes are often enough to get some amazing bridal portraits in the amazing sunset light.

As soon as the sun had vanished behind the horizon, and the sky got dark, the lights and candles got lit in the bath house and the guests gathered in a circle around the dance floor. With party lights in their hands they cheered for Cornelia & Erics first dance. They had planned a special choreography for their dance, from amazing twists to an aerial pose, they made this dance a unique and unforgettable one.

As soon as the next song started, the dance floor was open for everyone and the party could start.

The wedding party celebrated, danced and toasted on the newlyweds till late in the night.

I love how much this couple enjoyed their big day, and how carefully they had chosen their wedding locations. The wedding day of Cornelia and Eric is the best example how various a wedding in Vorarlberg, Austria can be. From the wedding photos in the moor landscape of Bregenzerwald, the romantic wedding ceremony in the historic Villa Raczynski in Bregenz till the amazing party in the bathhouse at the Lake of Constance. Every location was so unique and beautiful and they all lay within just 20 minutes from each other.

If you are planning a wedding and you are looking for a wedding photographer, send us an E-Mail, we are looking forward to your special day, and to capture all the unique moments for you on beautiful photos!

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