Elopementphotos in Iceland

Imagine: You are standing on a cliff in Iceland, your gaze wanders over the roaring sea, and except the gulls that fly in the sky over you,as far as you can see, there is noone besinde you two. The cold wind blows through your hair and to warm up you cuddle up to your sweetheart, you listen to his heartbeat while you enjoy the amazing Islandic Landscape around you....

In nature, there´s no day lake another, and even if I would take photos ten times at the same place, the photos would be completely different each time. It can be bright sunshine in one day and a few hours later you can see nothing than fog . One thing that fascinates me again and again, is that the natural spectacles always exactly match the couples. This icy cold wind over the cliffs of Iceland has made German & Gaby stand close to each other and cuddle almost the whole time so they do not freeze and that's how these emotional photos came to be.

And I thing exactly this mood let me capture the itimate connection between the two, and let us create photos that show how they and their lovestory are.

I love to meet people from all over the world, to experience a small part of their love story and to capture this emotions in photos. Isn`t it unbelievable how easy it is to find friends all over the world nowadays? These wedding photos in Iceland are the best proof, I traveled from Austria to Iceland to photograph a couple from Mexico. It sounds almost surreal, but I think the photos speak for themselves, and sometimes (or always) it pays to be crazy, to drop all boundaries, and to go for your ideas and dreams and make them a reality. If you really want it, (almost) everything is possible.

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