New Zealand - my first backpacking trip

My personal story with New Zealand starts almost 20 years ago.

When I was a little child my favorite animal have been sea lions.

Once I´ve heard in kindergarten someone talk about their vacation in New Zealand and that they´ve seen a lot of sea lions, and that moment was the start of my dream to visit this country as far away from my home as possible.

14 years later I packed my backpack and full of excitement I flew the 27 hours to Oceania.

And New Zealand didn´t disappoint me.

Now a few years later I´ve seen a lot of countries and the „Kiwi-country“ is still my favorite.

Nature is beyond beautiful, so diverse and breathtaking. There are snow-covered mountaintops, brightly colored lakes and rivers, the wild sea, the greenest forests you´ve seen and of course sea lions, penguins and parrots... New Zealand is the perfect place for every nature lover.

And what I enjoyed most, was that there are no dangerous animals, I did multi-day hiking tours on my own and never had to fear snakes, spiders or lions... And it hasn´t been just the fascinating landscape which I fell in love with. All the people I met were so open hearted and friendly, I felt at home wherever I´ve been.

I have so many amazing memories back to my time in New Zealand that I don´t know where to begin. I think the best way to describe my love is when you just scroll through the pictures of my trip. And see this magic with your own eyes.

I hope I can go back soon to the country of the „kiwis“, „lord of the rings“ and the fantastic memories of my first backpacking trip. There is no country that touched my heart more, and I'm still as fascinated as I was as a little kid, just now it´s not just because of the sea lions, but so much more...

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